Who we are

Our Vision
Founded in 2016, 528 Kansas City is dedicated to providing assistance to individuals in need that live in the northland of Kansas City, MO. We are a group of Christians attempting to spread the love of Jesus Christ in our community. We also, through our projects, desire to be able to provide hope and comfort that only comes through a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Our Mission
We are also inspired by a hymn written by J.R. Baxter: "Just a cup of cold water in His name given may the hope in some heart renew." "There is room in the Kingdom, there's a place in His service, and there is work that we call can do." — J.R. Baxter
Our Name
The name 528KC comes from an example of a group of Christians who were concerned about their community. In Acts 5:28, Christians in Jerusalem in the first century were described as "filling Jerusalem with the teaching of Jesus Christ." It is our goal to do the same — to spread the good news of the gospel and practice "good works."
Our Logo
We wanted to reflect both on our desire to be Lights and workers. Our logo demonstrates this goal as it represents both a flame a drop of water. These two prominent Biblical themes form the fruits of our efforts to bless this community.